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In a constant changing world, Friendship is a quiet confirmation that there are still some things beyond price, and simple joys just within reach.

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I will be your Queen.

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Dreams Do Come True - Kristin Uy

I hope mine also would.

It’s been a long hard journey holding on to this dream.

Finally, it’s paying off now, somehow.

Hmmm. Just a few more years… just a few more.

And… the world is going to know my name. :)

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In a tranquil afternoon of that day, I walked along the road of the school, trying to hold back my tears & helping myself not to breakdown. As I look at the beautiful sun setting, I remembered the same thing happened before. As I try to smile even though my eyes hurt, I can feel all the pain I used to hide – the pain I already forgot… but approaching back, striking hard. Will I be able to stand it? Will I be brave to face it? Or do I just have to endure it… again? Maybe yes. I think I just have to endure this though I’ve already learned the hard way, though it happened again and even though it’s going to hurt so much… again. In my own eyes I can see… he’s with her & he’s in love with her and not with me.

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Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006).
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